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Navigating Alabama’s Medicaid program is a necessary task for senior citizens should they find themselves in need of long-term or end-of-life care. While no one looks forward to making these arrangements, it is crucial to plan ahead and take proper measures to plan for your future healthcare.

To ensure a thorough, comprehensive Medicaid plan in Anniston, Alabama, you should seek legal counsel from a professionally trained attorney. The attorneys of Stanko, Senter & Mitchell, will help you curate the right plan to address all your present and future needs.  This includes:

Qualifying for Benefits
  • The Alabama Medicaid Agency has a number of programs for the elderly and disabled. These include care for individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, and other long-term care facilities; Home and Community Based Waivers for people who are elderly, disabled, mentally handicapped, or who have certain diagnoses; and SSI Related Medicaid programs for people who no longer receive Supplemental Security Income payments but have their Medicaid benefits protected under particular laws. To be eligible for the Medicaid programs, you must be an Alabama resident and U.S. citizen (or be in satisfactory immigration status) who meets certain medical criteria and has a monthly income and resources below a certain limit.

Keeping Your Assets
  • Qualifying for Medicaid while retaining your assets can be a challenging part of the process. Generally, In order to receive the benefits of nursing home coverage you must have no more than $2,000 of “countable” assets, or “available resources”. Certain exceptions apply depending on your situation.

Special Needs Trusts
  • A Special Needs Trust is a legal document that enables a person under a physical or mental disability, or an individual with a chronic or acquired illness, to have an unlimited amount of assets held in a trust for their benefit. In short, the trust provides for supplemental and extra care over and above that which the government provides. The included assets are not considered countable assets for purposes of qualifying for certain governmental benefits, such as SSI, Medicaid, and subsidized housing.  While most often a “stand-alone” document, it can also be included as part of a Last Will and Testament.

We also assist individuals in need of long-term care who also qualify for VA benefits.

Finding a lawyer who can offer the Medicaid planning Anniston, Alabama residents needs should be a top priority. Let Stanko, Senter & Mitchell guide you through every step in securing your assets and future care. There's no need for you to worry when you have knowledgeable and passionate attorneys working on your side.

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